Sunday, December 9, 2012

Huntington Gardens

I had the opportunity to take the kids to Huntington Gardens last week.  Let me just say, it was gorgeous!  It was so peaceful there, as peaceful as it can be with two children vying for my attention.  I love the beautiful flowers all over and the smell of the roses.    

The Japanese garden was probably my favorite.  It looked like a dream.  I'm still amazed at the talent some people have in their abilities to landscape like that.

I don't think I will ever get used to seeing lemons, limes, and oranges growing on trees around here.  I had to sit at this little tree and stare at the fruit on it.  I'll admit, I wanted to yank one off and take it home with me.  No, I didn't do that.  I'm not that horrible.  

I hope to make it back to the gardens again in the near future.  What a treasure!

An Update

Ever since I gave birth to Elliot, my life seems to be a bit more chaotic.  Who knew that could happen when you had another child?  Go figure.  Life in California is grand.... most of the time.  Now that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel (only 8 more months!!), I am getting very anxious to get out of this place.  I do love things about California, but I am more than ready to be back in Utah with family and friends.  However, I am trying really, really hard not to get my hopes up as I know going back to Utah isn't really going to be an option unless a miracle presents itself in the form of a job.  Let me just tell you I am praying for that miracle about 27,000 times a day.

Ryan is doing great in school.  He excels at what he does.  I told him yesterday that I would absolutely trust him to do my anesthesia.  I think he is going to make an amazing anesthetist!  He spends most of his free time studying.  Then when he gets some free time, he studies some more.  It's never ending.  Sigh.

I am busy being a mom to two very active kids.  I love it.  I love the opportunity God has given me to raise his children.  I cherish every single moment I get with them.  I know that this young age they are in is fleeting and will soon be over.  I enjoy every smile, every laugh, and I try my best to endure the tantrums.  I will admit that there are days when I still dream of having Kingston in our home.  What I wouldn't give to just hug him and kiss him once more.  My heart still aches that he is gone; however, I know, without a doubt, that we will be together again one day.  I often wonder what it would be like with him and Scarlet.  How would she act around him?  Would they play well together?  This time of year is always difficult without him here.  Holidays are hard.  We love our little King and miss him every. single. day.

Scarlet is a very active, very sassy 2 year old.  She talks non stop.  She also sings herself to sleep on most nights.  You can often find me laying on the stairs listening to her as she sings "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "Jingle Bells."  She brings such a light to my life.  I can't even believe that we are approaching 3 years since we did in vitro with her.  Time flies!

Elliot is now 6-1/2 months old.  He is the dream child.  He smiles and laughs all the time.  He is sitting up on his own now and rolling all around the floor.  He only cries when he is hungry or wants to sleep.  We sure do enjoy our little California miracle.  I have no idea how we ever lived without him.

So, there's the quick update on us.  I hope all of you, all one of you who reads this, are doing well.  Come visit us in the land of California!  Let me entice you:  Disneyland, beaches, and 70+ degree weather.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My First 5K

I had this goal that I wanted to meet.  I'm not ever very good at meeting my goals.  I'll be honest.  After I had Elliot, I just wanted to get back in shape and lose my baby weight.  Well, I lost the baby weight within two weeks after delivery, but I was definitely not in shape.  I decided if I put some money into it, maybe it would give me more motivation to work on it.  I signed up for a 5K and made Leslie join in with me.  So while I was in Utah, I trained in the Utah altitude and ran my first 5K.

Here we are, ready to run! 

Right after we got there, we ran into these awesome ladies!  I love these girls.  A couple of them were my roommates back in my college days, some from high school... an all around amazing group of women if I do say so  myself!

We did it!  I knew we could.  After all, it was only 3-something miles.  We ran the 5K on the beaches of the Great Salt Lake.  Gross.  As you can see, it was also in the dark.  It was supposed to be glow in the dark with glow paint amazingness.  The paint didn't glow and I just felt nasty after painting myself.  Oh well.  We had a great time!  The best part?  Eating a burger from In-N-Out on the way home because I had tried to eat "healthy" for the few days before and was starving to death!  Did I mention I finished?  And yes, I did it in less than hour.  I actually finished in around 35 minutes (which for me and my untrained body is a good thing).  I know, you amazing runners are now laughing at my finish time.  Like I said before, I was just glad to have finished and have met my goal.  I'm definitely not where I want to be physically, but I feel better than I did 5 months ago.  

Friend Halloween Party

I have to admit that I have the most amazing friends and neighbors here in California.  Our little play group had a party for Halloween and it was SO cute!  Ashley (not me, but the amazing Ashley Alexander (a.k.a. Super Mom)) threw an amazing party for the kids.  It was full of throw the spider in the web, bingo, bowling for monsters, and tons, and tons of treats.  Scarlet was in heaven!  She keeps talking about the spiders too.

Doesn't that look just delicious?  

The treats!!  Witches hats and brooms, gummy worms that were so life-like I wouldn't touch them (good job Amber!), delicious apple mouths, hot dog mummies, and other assorted deliciousness.

I wish you could see her yelling, "GOOOOO Cougars!"  Just like her dad, she bleeds blue.  Love our little Cougar!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Clipping

My poor child was born with what I like to call the "Dunn Tongue."  As you can see in the picture above, his tongue is very stuck to the floor of his mouth.  I had this unfortunate problem and so did my older brother, Josh.  We both had ours clipped when we had our wisdom teeth out.  Let's just say it was not a pleasant experience.  Right after Elliot was born, I noticed he had the cursed tongue.  Poor guy.  Not only that, but his was significantly worse than mine, and mine was really bad.

While I was in Utah, we found an amazingly awesome doctor who was willing to see us and clip the tongue.  The doctors in California wanted us to wait until Elliot was older, but from my experience, I wanted it done as soon as we could do it.

Here's how it went down.  I went to the doctors office with both kids in tow... and my dad.  Thankfully my dad was there to help me.  Scarlet was jolly, playing in the waiting room with a train set they had.  All I could think was, "what kind of sickness is she going to pick up from that toy?"

I went back and talked to the doctor.  He took one look at Elliot and agreed it needed a clipping.  He got all ready to do it and I jumped ship.  They took my baby,  held him down, and did their thing while I sat in the waiting room bouncing Scarlet in hopes that it would calm Elliot down.  I've noticed I do that a lot.  Hold one child and bounce them in hopes it will calm the other.  It doesn't really work, just so you know.

I felt like the screaming went on for like 5 minutes.  It was excruciating!  Finally the doctor came out and got me and told me he wanted me to hold Elliot and calm him down.  I went in the room and the nurse was holding my baby face down while blood was dripping from his mouth.  I then started to think, "what did I just do to my child?"  I felt awful!  I held him as still as I could while the doctor attempted to keep pressure on the underside of Elliot's tongue.

It was horrible.  I wanted to cry with Elliot.

Then two days later, Scarlet was sick.

And then Elliot got it.

What an experience.  I never want to go through that again.  Too bad our pediatrician in California claims it needs to be done AGAIN.  Are you kidding me?  I don't think so.  I think we'll leave it how it is now.  My oh my.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Family Photos 2012

I can't even remember when we had our family pictures taken last.  I know we did a few after we had Scarlet, but we haven't had a family photo with all my siblings and our spouses in years.  We started off the morning with me, Ryan and our kiddos. 

The boys.

The girls.

I love Bella hiding at the bottom of this one.

And here we are at meltdown moment.  Scarlet had had enough, plus she had just fallen on the cement and had blood literally dropping from her knee.  If you look close enough, you can see her lovely little scrape.  Poor girl.

The two photos above had me laughing so hard!  This is what happens when you try to use the self timer with a remote, but you have to get a little closer to press the button so the camera will sense it.  Haha.  I love the one of Josh.  It looks like he's just trying to run in front of the camera. 

Our "normal" family photo.

And of course, the all too awkward family photo.  No, my dad is not grabbing Megan's bum.... or is he?  We roll like that around here.  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Eagle Scout

Here is my proud sister moment.  On August 26, 2012, we all witnessed my little brother receive his Eagle.  What a great achievement!  Nathan wanted to wait for Ryan to come to Utah so Ryan could be a part of something so special. 

Nathan's project was making blankets, buntings, bracelets, and poem books for parents who have lost their children.  He did it for Angel Watch, whom I have mentioned before because they were so integral in our life with Kingston. 

My three brothers and my awesome husband, ALL eagle scouts!  Like I said, proud sister (and wife) moment. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  There is a new pin the eagle scout can now give out when he receives his eagle.  There's always been the pin for mom and dad.  Now they have one for their mentor.  My brother was so adorable and gave ME that pin!  I've never thought of myself as a mentor, but I feel so special he thinks of me as one!   

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scarlet's "Special" Treat

You know when you have those moments of thought when you're thinking, yes I am really that great of a parent.  Well, I have one of those. 

My parents live in the mountains.  The deer make frequent visits to their yard and leave little presents for all to step in.  Most of the time I don't even think twice but to just walk around it when I see it and leave it at that.

I can't even remember what I was doing, but I was probably feeding Elliot, because that's all I do.  Scarlet had gone outside with somebody (like I said, I am that great of a parent).  She comes in with this look of disgust on her face.  In my head I'm thinking, oh no, what did she get her hands in.  Oh no, it's better than that.  I see it not all over her hands, but her teeth. 

Deer poo in the teeth.  Yep, parent of the year!  Let's just say she got the all-time scrub down with her toothbrush, which I then tried to sanitize as best I could.  I still shudder at the thought of what as in her mouth. 

Blog Overload

Like I mentioned previously, I have been MIA for a while.  It was dreamy.  I was busy, busy the entire month of September and we had so much fun!  Here's a list of what will be coming in the near future:

  • Scarlet eating deer poo (I know what you're thinking, and yes, I am that great of a parent)
  • Nathan getting his Eagle
  • Family pictures
  • 29th birthday.... again
  • Elliot's blessing
  • Megan's/June's baby shower
  • Baby June-Bug
  • Elliot's clipping of the tongue (sounds as exciting as it was)
  • Girl's trip to Park City
  • Zoo
  • 5K
  • Josh and Megan getting sealed
  • June-Bug's baby blessing
Keep watching for all of this.  Like I said, we were really busy and it was so worth it! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

She's 2 and He's 4

I have been MIA from blogging for a while.  I have a good excuse.  I have been away in Utah for a little while.  I tried to download my photos while I was there, but the laptop ran out of room and I couldn't do much with them.  I have about 10 trillion things to update as soon as I download the photos. 

In the meantime, here's a little update from Scarlet's2-year checkup and Elliot's 4-month checkup. 

 (Horrible iPhone photo)

Scarlet at 2 years:
Height:  32.5 inches
Weight:  21 pounds
Head circumference:  18 inches

She's tiny, but her height is finally on the growth chart.  Her weight, however, is not.  She is still 0th percentile for weight.  She's our little mini -- a sassy little mini at that!  She is saying a million words and copies everything we do and say.  She has become very hilarious and so much fun to be with. 

Elliot at 4 months:
Height:  24.5 inches
Weight:  14 pounds 14 ounces (only 6 pounds less than Scarlet)
Head circumference:  17 inches (1 inch less than Scarlet.  His noggin is gigantic)

Elliot is our healthy, chubby, big-little guy.  He is the happiest baby I have ever seen.  He is always smiling and laughing.  He has been such a joy and blessing in our lives. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Elliot -- 4 months

Dear Elliot,
You are now four months old.  At four months, you are in 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.  You are the happiest baby I have ever laid eyes on.  You weigh right around 14 pounds. 
You just adore you big sister, Scarlet.  I love to watch you as your gaze follows her around the room.  You two are my light. 
We have had the opportunity to stay with Grandma and Papa for a few weeks while your dad is crazy busy in Los Angeles doing open heart surgeries.  Well, he's not doing the surgeries, just the anesthesia.  

I have loved watching you grow and change over the last four months, but you really need to slow down.  You'll be crawling and walking before I know it.  This part of life just goes by way too fast!

Elliot, I hope you always stay sweet.  You remind me a lot of how your Uncle Josh is.  Sweet and sensitive.  I love you to pieces and pieces.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't look at you and think about how grateful I am for our California miracle.  You are amazing! 

Love you forever,


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear Scarlet -- 2 years

Dear Scarlet,

Yesterday, August 11, 2012, you turned two years old.  I watched you as you smiled and beamed from ear to ear all day long.  You radiated such beauty as you partied with your friends and then enjoyed the evening with Mom, Dad, and Elliot.  I only wish that I could have been there with you to celebrate our special day.  I know it is because of you that mom smiles.

The day we were born was such a day, a day nobody will forget.  It was around 9:02 a.m., the moment I was born, that you and I said our final earthly goodbye.  I wanted nothing more than to stay here with you, but I knew you would represent both of us well with your sparkling personality.  I sat by your side for four weeks while you fought for your life in the hospital.  Mom knows I was there because you would smile so much at what seemed to be nothing, and then I would let her know, ever so subtly, that I was there, giving her angel kisses.

Scarlet, you are who you are because mom and dad love and adore you so much.  It is because of you that they are who they are.  Never forget that I am always there, watching over you.  You're my other half as I am yours.  Please don't ever feel that I left you here alone.  Just because you won't always see me, I am always there.

Scarlet, keep radiating your beauty to all those who are around you.  You have the ability to touch many lives and I know you will.  I love you so much!

Kiss, kiss,


p.s.  You need to be nice to Elliot.  One day he will be bigger than you.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

At Work

I have been having so much fun working on my "Kingston's Birthday" project.  I have found it very therapeutic too!  Here is a picture of my organized chaos. 

In the process of being made into pendants.

Now they are pendants:  Tucker and Anna.

Here is baby Jada.

Jaxon and Allison. 

There is still time to order a necklace if you want one!  The prices are going to go up August 11th, Kingston's birthday.  I feel so blessed by the love and support that I have felt from all across the country.  Thank you all who have donated and purchased your own necklaces.  Without you, this would not have been possible!  I hope to bless many lives throughout the next little while as I provide these cute necklaces to angel mommies. 

You can purchase using the PayPal link below, or you can e-mail me your order, or leave a comment with your e-mail address.  You can also donate to this project if your heart desires.  Again, thank you!

Angel Necklaces

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kingston's Birthday -- Update

I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received on this project!  You all are absolutely amazing!  We are currently at $120.00 raised!  That means we only have $80.00 more to go before I reach my goal.  You can still donate using the "Donate Now" button on the right side bar or you can buy a necklace also using the "Buy Now" button on the right side bar.  These necklace prices will only last until August 11th (though you will still be able to order necklaces after that)! 

Again, thank you to so many who have donated and bought necklaces so far! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kingston's Birthday Gift

(Picture courtesy of The Vintage Pearl)

Right after my twins were born (almost TWO years ago!!), I bought myself this necklace from The Vintage Pearl.  I love it so much!  It's like my secret way of telling the world that I have one more kid than what their eyes see.

Now, as I said, the twins are almost two years old.  I cannot believe all we have done since then.  I miss my little Kingston more than words can express, but I'm beyond grateful for the little memories I have of him.  Some examples are his hand and foot molds, his bear made from the blanket he was wrapped in at the hospital, and all of the photos we have of him.  All of this was provided to us by an amazing organization called Angel Watch.  The best thing that ever happened to our situation!  They blessed our life beyond measure.

For Kingston's birthday this year, I want to give back to Angel Watch.  I thought to myself, "Self, what have you just adored from this whole experience that you could provide for other families in the same situation?"  I came up with this idea.... Hand-stamped necklaces with the angel baby's name on it and their birthstone.  Yes!  Perfect!  Like I said, I adore mine.  I wear it with pride and I want other mother's to feel the same way about the babies that they lose all too soon.  So, I have purchased the supplies and will soon be making hand-stamped necklaces.

This is where you come in.  I obviously cannot fund this project on my own.  What I'm asking is this.  Could you spare a few dollars to help out families that lose their babies?  My goal is to raise $200 by August 11th (Kingston's birthday).  I hope to be able to raise enough money to at least provide this service for the next year and hopefully more!  If you would rather, you could purchase a name necklace for yourself and all proceeds will go back into this project.

You can use the "Donate" button in this post or in the right side bar if you feel like donating.

 If you want to purchase a necklace, use the "Buy Now" button either in this post or in the right side bar.  If you purchase a necklace, please TRIPLE check the spelling of the names.  The necklace will look very similar to the one you see above from The Vintage Pearl except a different font (but I assure you, it is just as adorable).  I will post pictures as I start making the necklaces so you can see just how amazing they are!
Angel Necklaces
Thank you in advance for your support!  I cannot even tell you how many lives this is going to bless.  Thank you, thank you!  

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Dear Elliot -- 2 Months

Dear Elliot,

Two months!  Are you kidding me!  We are officially 1/6 of the way to your first birthday.  Time needs to slow down! 

Elliot, you have proven to be a very mellow and delightful baby.  You have started to smile every once in a while.  By every once in a while, I mean whenever you are around your dad.  You adore your dad and I adore that!  It's so cute to see your reaction towards him.  You seem to be liking Scarlet too.  She still loves you.  She now has to give you a good-night kiss before she goes to bed. 

You're still waking up all night long.  It's exhausting.  However, there is nothing quite like waking up to a little miracle and watching you fall back asleep in my arms. 

You are still wearing newborn clothes here and there, but we have mostly moved you into 3-month clothes now.  You are growing like crazy!  Scarlet didn't wear 3-month clothes until she was 6 months old.  I love being able to compare her size to where you are.  It's crazy!  I'll take you to the doctor tomorrow for your 2-month check up and to see how much you have grown.  I'm excited to see where you're at on the growth charts. 

You have started to coo and do the cute (or cuke as Scarlet would say) baby talk.  I'm excited to hear more of that in the near future. 

Elliot, keep making me smile!  You're such a blessing in our lives and I have no idea how we ever lived without you! 

Love you always,