Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Guts

So, I had Josh and Chloe over the other day. I was very proud that I grew my own pumpkin this year and had saved it to carve with the kids. As I was cutting the top off the pumpking I was telling Josh that we were going to see pumpkin guts when I took the top off. He covered his eyes and turned away saying "I don't want to see pumpkin guts." It was really cute. Chloe just wanted to chill out on my lap and watch what was going on. They are just the cutest kids. We ended up carving a bat on the pumpking and named him Scarecrow. Joshy picked out the name. I'm thinking he picked scarecrow because I put up a scarecros for decoration by the front door and that's what he was looking at when I asked him to name the bat. I finally got Josh to reach in the pumpking and pull out pumpkin guts. He loved it. We had a great time together.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Life with the Hones

So, I have finally broken down and created a blog. Ugh. I see everbody elses blogs and just love to read them. They are so much fun.

Ryan is so busy with school lately. I feel like we never have date nights because he has to study so much, but it will all be totally worth it in the end. It's so much fun to watch him learn all these new things and watch his knowledge grow. He's my little smarty pants.

Work is going well. It never ends. Literally. I guess that's called job security, but it is still kind of tiring. I think I need a break/vacation.

So, we will see how this goes. Enjoy!