Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at our soon to be 1 year old!! You can see more on her birthday in less than two weeks. Oh my!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh no...

Can you believe this little piece of work...

made this piece of work? Yep, she pooped in the tub. It was spectacular. Thankfully my awesome husband cleaned it up.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear Scarlet -- 11 months

Dear Scarlet,

Seriously? You're going to be a year old in just one short month??!! I cannot even fathom that thought at the moment. It's totally freaking me out. For now, we will just reminisce over the last month's fantasticness.

You have decided that you absolutely hate being swaddled (finally). If we attempt to swaddle you, you will immediately bust out. I love sneaking in at night and taking your picture. It's always hilarious to see the positions you come up with.

Speaking of sleeping, you are the most amazing, deep sleeper ever. You sleep through just about everything, everything except sneezes. I can't quite figure out why they freak you out so bad.

You have attended two funerals this month. I'm not sure why people keep dying, I guess that's the business of life. At least when we went to the cemetery for the dedication of one of the graves, we got to go visit Kingston. You are so cute when we take you there. You love to touch his headstone. I always wonder what is going through your little head when we are there.

We had an amazing fourth of July. It was beautiful weather when we went to the parade. It was overcast and cool. I think you could have cared less to be there. Thankfully once we got in the car, you konked out. You were SO tired. Even though you were super tired, you never really got too fussy. You were still smiley and happy until the second your eyes closed. You're amazing.

Guess what? You finally, FINALLY got some teeth! Two little teeth on the bottom.They are adorable, but also very sharp. You have managed to bite quite a few people since they have come in. Funny baby.

One of my favorite things you do is talk. You are constantly talking. This month you have started saying "Bella." You like to repeat me when I am calling for Bella. You also have discovered the mermaids on your swim floatie. You will point to them and say, "merma." It's so stinking cute!

Scarlet, we are now approaching the year marks to some very prominent points in our life. I honestly cannot believe they are sneaking up so quickly. Sadly, I am deathly afraid for them to get here. I don't want my baby to be growing up so fast. It also means that we are moving soon. I chose to stay here in Utah until after your first birthday so that we could spend it with Kingston too. We will then be off to California for who knows how long. I'm excited and scared at the same time. It will be you and me with a tiny dose of daddy for the next two years. I'm so excited to watch you learn and grow and become a beautiful little lady. Keep being just who you are... the most amazing little girl I have ever laid eyes on!

Love you,


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 200th post!

I can't believe I have finally hit my 200th post! It only took me 3-1/2 years to do it. To celebrate, you should go to this super cute etsy shop and by a necklace that looks like your favorite food, only miniature sized!!!

Here are a few of my favorites:

You should go check it out (maybe even buy one or two)!