Thursday, April 22, 2010

17 weeks and more!

I love this time of year! I love when the tulips pop up and there are blossoms on the trees. I'm sure Ryan prays for this time of year to end quickly because his allergies get so bad. I also love the fresh strawberries! These made an appearance in our home last week and they were delicious! This is just before I cut them all up and froze most of them for sweet treats to come.

When we moved (someday I will post pics of our new place), Bella was totally freaking out. She would just follow us everywhere and whine and want to be held. Obviously I can't box things up while holding a dog in my arms. So, I found my scarf and decided to make a sling out of it, much like you would do for your little babies. She sat snuggled up next to me for hours on moving day. I think it made her feel a little bit safer even though her entire world was crumbling around her. Poor little thing. This move has been really tough on her.

On to bigger and better news, we got this most beautiful crib. I am totally in love with it. Ry and I put it together today in about an hour. I have seen this crib in the store for months and dreamed that it would one day be mine. Yes, as of now we are only getting one crib. We will probably end up getting another one once the mini humans can roll over on their own and attempt to smother each other. Until then, they will be sleeping right next to each other, much like they do in my belly.
And now the ugliest picture of me ever taken. This is me at 17 weeks. My belly is growing, growing, but I'm still not gaining weight. (Please don't mind the ponytail/no make-up version of me. This is what happens when you work from home all day and go nowhere.)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Here we are once again! It's time for this week's wishes:
  • Dear Disneyland, I feel you should let me stay in Cinderella's Castle for a night. Everytime I see the Disneyland commercial and see the castle, I think of how I would love to stay in it. (Is it Cinderella's? Maybe Sleeping Beauty?). Anyway, please let me stay in the castle!
  • Dear Philosophy, Please bring back your Beach Party lotion. It has been my all-time favorite lotion EVER. Plus, it reminds me of being on vacation and being stress free.
  • I would also like my shot spots (yes, from those evil shots I stopped on March 3) to stop hurting. It has been over a month now since stopping the evil progesterone shots and I'm sick of having a sore bum/hip. Honestly, I think there is a bit of nerve damage and I'm hoping it will heal because it hurts/itches/burns!
  • Here's a weird one. I wish I could gain some weight. Apparently the mini humans are "sucking my fat" off of me according to the nurse practitioner I saw yesterday. Seriously? I have been making a conscious effort to stuff my face for the last month to try to GAIN weight and I LOST a pound! How does this happen? I'm measuring 20 weeks, which is right where I should be measuring (even though I'm only 16 weeks), so the minis are growing. Apparently I just can't keep up with them. Is this a sign of what's to come?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ultrasound -- Check!

So, while out and about today I ran across an ultrasound machine and decided to hook myself up. Well, okay, not quite, but almost. I went to my mom's office where an amazing nurse and PA took time out of their lunch breaks to mess around with a really expensive piece of equipment with me while we tried to figure out how to see the mini humans. We accomplished our goals! I saw both minis. One was literally doing sommersaults and backflips all over the place. It wouldn't hold still. I'm pretty sure it waved at me. The other one just kind of sat there and waited patiently for its time to shine. Then all of a sudden it waved at me. All I could do was sit there and say, "hi baby!" It's so amazing what a miracle these 2 mini humans are. It will never cease to amaze me just how fantastic the miracle of life is. I even got to see their spines and a little baby femur! SO COOL!

Wishlist Wednesday

It's already Wednesday once again. That means it's time for my wishes:
  • I would like to go on the road with Guy Fieri when he goes on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. He always goes to places that make the best looking food and everytime I watch it I think I need to pack my bags and go to wherever he is in the U.S. and eat that food right then. I'm sure the mini humans have something to do with that, especially since they are ALWAYS hungry. I can't keep up with them. It's almost tortuous.
  • I wish for an ultrasound right now! I'm pretty sure the mini humans are waving at me and I can't even see them do it because I can't see through skin. Maybe that should be my wish? To see through skin?
  • I wish for warm cement so I can walk barefoot and soak up the heat. That's one of my most favorite things about the warm weather.
  • I also wish for my gas to be turned back on (long story) so I can have hot water again. We have only been without it for a couple of days, but man! I miss washing my hands in warm water.
  • I wish that easter candy could be here year round. The malt balls (the ones you can paint your lips with), the Peeps, and of course the peanut butter eggs. Oh dear peanut butter eggs, how I love thee. Once again, I wish for something with peanut butter. What is wrong with me?

There you have it. Mostly I just want food all the time and that's mostly what I think about, especially since Wednesday is Cafe Rio tostada day! Here I come Cafe Rio!