Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dear Scarlet -- 4 Years

Dear Scarlet,

Another year has come and gone, and my baby girl has turned four years old.  Time is going by WAY too fast.  You have the funnest personality.  You're so sweet, but you also have a lot of sass.  You adore Elliot and most of the time you teach him how to be a good person.  You have been going to preschool for about a year and you love it.  Miss Jeneen is your teacher.  She's been great for you!  Well, we are a little late getting this done.  Oops.  Here we go.

Nicknames:  Sweetie-Sweetie, Twinkle Toes, Scarlie Soo.... The list goes on and on.
How old are you?  Uhm, 5? Is that my number?  I can't call it. I can't call my name which number is it.  It's really..... (She knows how old she is.  Not sure why I got this answer.)
What is your favorite color?  Blue and red and black and yellow.
What is your favorite animal?  Giraffes.  I like giraffes.
What is your favorite book?  Cinderella
What is your favorite TV show?  Spider-Man
What is your favorite movie?  I like Tinkerbell!  I like Spider-Man already.
What is your favorite song?  I Love to See the Temple
What is your favorite food?  My fabrite food is chicken.... and noodles!
What is your favorite drink?  Lemonade
What is your favorite breakfast food?  I like cereal.  I have it for lunch.  Yeah I did.
What is your favorite snack?  Fruit snacks
What is your favorite game?  In the toy room, I like to play with Elliot's trucks
What is your favorite toy?  I like a play with the trucks.
Who is your best friend?  Not Navy. I like....This is a tricky one. Chloe.  She's my best friend.
What do you like to sleep with at night?  My teddy bears.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  My daddy's going to be a doctor like me.
Where do you live?  At California... in this house.  See?  We got the new house.  (Wow!  She still doesn't know we live in Arizona, but yet I know she does.  Silly girl).

Whew.  We got through it. 

Scarlet,  you're like my best friend.  Most of the time you are such a help to me.  You've started helping me around the house with jobs and it fills my heart with joy watching you be so proud when you complete a task.  You're growing up to be quite a little lady.  You definitely adore your dad and want to be just like him.  I hope you always have lofty dreams and know that your dad and I are always here to support you and help you achieve them. 

Love you always,