Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Here's my new feature that will hopefully keep me updating this blog a little more often. Plus, you might learn some weird quirks about me. Here's my wishlist for this week:

  • A box of Butterfingers. What would I do with an entire box you ask? Eat them of course. The mini humans have really taken a liking to them. Okay, I just really like them except when they stick to my teeth. Peanut buttery goodness. Yumm.....
  • I want to work in a candy factory, even if it's just for a day. One of my favorite shows is Unwrapped on Food Network. It makes me want to go to the candy factory even more. I've even actually looked into finding a job at one. Who wouldn't love to make candy for a living?
  • Boxes. Moving boxes and lots of them. And then I would like them to fill themselves so my back will stop hurting. And then they need to move themselves too. That would all be really heavenly.
  • And what happened to my favorite car ride CD? (I know, CDs are so old school. I hadn't had the chance to put it on the pod yet). Did Eduardo (the car) eat it? Honestly, where does a CD go? I guess I should clean the car and hopefully, hopefully it will be in there somewhere. I want it back!
  • Lastly, a kitchen table. We had one at one point in our marriage. It no longer exists. Now we're moving into a new place and we have no table. Please table, come home.

There's my wishlist for the week.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

12 weeks

We had another appointment with the doctor today. He let us hear the beating of the mini human hearts. I love it! I could have listened to it for hours. I want to buy one of those Dopplers for myself just so I can fall asleep to their beating hearts, probably much like they will fall asleep to my beating heart. Anyway, everytime I think of the beating hearts, this is the song I start to sing in my head. Beating hearts baby. Tell me, is this love for real?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's getting bigger...

Sorry, this isn't the best photo ever, but here it is. My bump of love. Of course to me it seems a lot bigger than you can see in the photo. I'm now 11 weeks along and trying to enjoy every minute, even when I feel my uterus growing at warp speed and pulling ligaments on the inside. I try to make Ryan talk to the babies and give them loves. I think he thinks I'm crazy. Nighttime is still a little rough. I get really uncomfortable, but I guess that's just what comes with being pregnant. We get to talk to the doctor next week and hopefully he will let us hear their little beating hearts again. I can't wait! What a miracle this has been.

In other news, we are moving. We are very sad to leave our ward because we have just fallen in love with the people around here. We finally have friends here and feel comfortable so it is going to be really hard. I can barely make it through church without crying just thinking about leaving, especially leaving our wonderful primary kids. At least we still have a little while to say goodbye. We probably won't move until after April 1st. I am excited, however, for the big kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms I get to move into. Oh, and a garage! Woo hoo! Hopefully we can stay at this new place until we are ready for the masters program in a year or 2.