Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moab 2011

We just got back from another amazing trip to Moab. We left early Sunday morning and drove down. When we got there, we went straight to Onion Creek, our favorite 4-wheeling trail. You cross the creek tons of times and got soaking wet. It's always a good time. Scarlet got to ride in the truck with my parents while all the kids rode the 4-wheelers. She loved it!

Monday we hiked to Corona Arch for the real reason we went to Moab. The guys all wanted to repel off the arch. It was so much fun to watch them. It was also a really beautiful hike. Scarlet got to ride in a backpack and absolutely hated it. Poor little thing! She ended up falling asleep on the way down thankfully. She was just having a rough time being in the pack.

Here are the guys on top of Corona Arch.

Here they are again on top of the arch, you just have to look really close to see them. That's how big the arch was! Here is Ryan getting ready to go off!

After the hike, everybody went back out on the 4-wheelers. I stayed back at the hotel with my mom and Scarlet for some much needed nap time. We also made our way to "downtown" and went "shopping." There's not a whole lot there, but we still had a good time. I got to make Scarlet a really cute onesie at the T-shirt shop.

Scarlet ended up getting sick Monday night so we didn't get much sleep. It was not so cool, especially since we were sharing a room with other people! Tuesday morning we woke up and went to Dead Horse Point. It was really cool to see. Then we drove home. It was a spectacular trip.

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