Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Kyla

We finally got to see one of the most beautiful little girls alive! Thanks Jacob and Amber for letting us hold her and ooooo and ahhhhh. Little baby Kyla was born on July 13 and we have been so busy we haven't been to see her until last night. We were getting a kick out of her trying to eat Ryan's arm and then getting REALLY angry when she realized there was no milk in his biceps. Congrats Nibarger family! She's very cute!

Ryan's Birthday Present.....

For Ryan's birthday I took him on a trip to Colorado to see our friends Jesse and Katie, and also to see Tool play at the Mile High Music Festival. We had a great time in Colorado! We flew in Friday morning. J&K took us to Boulder where we walked around campus where J teaches and then we went over to Pearl Street which is this fun street full of really cool shops. We had to stop at Powell's for some sweet treats. They had every treat you could imagine. We even found candy cigarettes. Yes, I know, my parents must have been crazy to let me have these when I was a kid, but I LOVED THEM. Their minty goodness was so delicious. We also found the gum cigarettes that puff "smoke" when you blow on them (actually just sugar). We ate some delicious food that night for dinner, had some yummy cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and watched Flight of the Conchords. Holy crap. HILARIOUS! Saturday consisted of eating more yummy food, going to Nordstrom Rack, and then heading over to the Mile High Music Festival. We made it just in time to see G. Love and Incubus (girls went to G. Love, boys to Incubus). We also got to see Ben Harper and the Relentless 7, not as good as the Innocent Criminals, and then on to Tool. They sure can put on a great show. Of course Ryan and Jesse had to go all the way to the front so Ryan could watch the drummer in total amazement. Sunday was full of fun as well. We met up with my cousin, Adam, and his wife, Alesha, at Elitch Gardens in downtown Denver. I guess it used to be a Six Flags but isn't anymore. It was still a lot of fun and it was very good to see Adam. I can't remember the last time we got to hang out since he has been in Denver for a while now. We ate more awesome food at a place called Ted's for dinner that night. I was in heaven. Food is my new best friend. We woke up Monday, packed up and headed to the airport. Of course I freaked out on the flight home. What's the fun in flying if I don't totally freak out right? I HATE flying and I totally packed my anti-anxiety meds in my checked bag, therefore I could not take anything for the flight home. Oops. Sorry Ryan, I hope you hand isn't broken. Thanks Jesse and Katie for letting us stay with you and for hanging out with us all weekend! We had the time of our lives! Happy late birthday present Ryan!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Ryan and I had a fun 4th this year. I finally convinced him to come with me to the parade. He was a bit hesitant, but I ended up dragging him out of bed just in time. We took what we like to call Mug Baby (100 ounces of love) so we wouldn't get dehydrated. I'm pretty sure we could have kept the entire area hydrated with that thing. It's huge! We even took little Bella to the parade. She was a bit overwhelmed with all the people there but had lots of fun. Sunday we went and picked up Josh and went up the canyon for a picnic. I absolutely love this time of year. Look close at this pic. We're doing the cheesiest smiles we can muster up. HaHa. Happy 4th of July!