Thursday, February 19, 2009


How could this face do anything wrong? Well, she has a little thing for markers. I have heard of her coloring the entire table in the kitchen and poor Tina has to scrub away at the marker. Well, here's the story of what happened here. I thought it was so hilarious that I am sharing it with you all!

From Tina's own voice:
"The tale I have to tell is a colorful one. My family and I are house sitting while my parents are gone for 5 days. They have a kitty that is so precious. Her name is princess. This morning I was getting Josh ready for his Valentines party and I had a few last minute things to get ready. So I fixed the kids breakfast and left them down stairs to finish. I was gone maybe ten minutes. I went back downstairs and Chloe had moved into the bathroom where I found her with a magenta Sharpe marker. She had drawn not only on herself but on the carpet and all over my Mom's white and peach colored cat. I asked Chloe what she thought she was doing. She told me," Mommy I am just making the Kitty happy." And yes, the kitty was very happy. The poor thing just sat there and let my little artist use her as a canvas. I have attached several pictures for your enjoment. "

Innocent? No way, I think she has guilty written all over her, literally.