Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Big Jump

If you are wondering what the countdown to the big jump is, Ryan is getting to go skydiving for his birthday. I'm scared to death for him. Moab skydiving here we come!

Snowbird and Play Date

Every year Ryan and I go to Snowbird. We have a time share that I say is the plague. I absolutely love it up there, but I hate paying the fees every year, especially with only me working. We go the last week of ski season. This year it was rainy and snowy and gross, so we were pretty much stuck in the room all day.

Josh and Sindee came up and watched the Jazz game with us. Typical Josh picture. He wanted to see if he could fit the entire glass in his mouth. Apparently he can. This is the only picture I have from Snowbird.

On Tuesday this week we had Chloe over for a play date. Every couple of months I take either Josh or Chloe while Tina goes to dance to give Jesse a break from the kids and also because I love to spend time with them.

We picked Chloe up from Tina and she freaked out! She is such a momma's girl. Once Tina was out of sight, Chloe was just fine. We went to Wendy's and had "ice keem" and krabby patties. Chloe was very nice to share her frosty with me. Yum.

After Wendy's we went and fed the ducks. Chloe LOVED the ducks. I'm pretty sure she wanted to pick them up. She kept saying, "duck, quack, quack."
We just love our nieces and nephews. Isn't she adorable?