Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

I'm going to attempt to be better at blogging with a 30-day trial. Let's see how it goes. I might just bore you all, so sorry if I do. Here goes!

I was born Ashley Brooke Dunn on September 2, 1982. My brothers wanted to name me Cinderella, so on occasion we throw in Ashley Brooke Cinderella Dunn, but I often just go by "Babe." Not Babe like the pig. Let me remind you, I came way before the pig did. My parents still call me Babe and I still answer to it just as if it was my given name.

I grew up with 2 older brothers. I thought they were horrible and God's way of punishing me... or something. They were mean and awful. They are 4 and 6 years older than me, Josh and Jesse. We didn't get to like each other until we were a little older. Now we have a great relationship with each other and I think they are God's way of blessing me... or something. When I was 13, my mom and dad had a SURPRISE!!! His name is Nathan Dakota. He was the definition of Michelin Man, so super obese. Now he is a teenager and getting ready to drive. I can't believe he's that old already!

When the doctor pulled me out, he told my parents, "she's got the feet of a dancer." And dance I did starting at the age of 2. I clogged until I was 15, and then I was on the high school drill team for my sophomore and junior years. My senior year I was on the modern dance company. I took one semester of dance in college and then decided I was done dancing. I never thought that day would come. I remember thinking, "what am I going to do without dance in my life?" I had always danced, always had practices, always had performances, and now it was all over. It was sad. I still miss it.

I graduated from Payson High School in 2001. I attended UVSC, now UVU, for 2 years and graduated with my associates degree in 2003.

While at a local music venue in July 2003, I saw a guy staring at me. I thought there was no way I would ever talk to him.... until I found out he was the new drummer for my brother's band. After about a month of hanging out and getting to know each other, we started dating. His name was Ryan by the way. We dated for a year and a half and ended up getting married January 27, 2005. We've been happily married ever since.

I always wanted to be a mother and it took me way too long to figure out how to become one. God so graciously blessed me with two beautiful children. I gave birth to them just before my 28th birthday. Kingston is my oldest child by two minutes. Scarlet came next. Kingston had trisomy 18, a diagnosis incompatible with life, and shortly after birth, he passed away. It was heartbreaking and devestating, but an experience that makes me who I am.

I have only ever lived in Utah County, but I am soon leaving "Happy Valley" for the "Inland Empire" also known as Rancho Cucamonga, California. I'm sure it will be a slight culture shock, but I'm okay with that. It's just one more thing that will shape me into who I am, right?

That's me, in a nutshell.


Amanda X said...

Loved this. And I love that you are moving to Rancho Cucamonga. Not to say I'm happy to have you leave, (cause I'm not) but that's where my parents live. So when I go visit we will HAVE to get together!

P.S. Do you know where exactly you will be living? I wonder if you'll be in their ward...?

cowbell kelly said...

Ya know I think it was you guys that started me on the Babe thing? I call everyone babe now.