Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 9: My siblings

I have been blessed in life to be the only girl in my family. What does that mean? Lots of guy-tection, a.k.a. lots of brothers to protect me, three brothers to be exact.

Jesse is my oldest brother. He is almost 6 years exactly older than me. His birthday is September 3, mine is the 2nd. See, almost exactly. He's such a good dad and husband. He's married to Tina and they have two kids. Josh and Chloe. Jesse has always been one to think of others before himself. He's an excellent older brother.

Josh comes next. He is 4 years older than me. Josh was always the popular one. He plays the bass very well. Because of his band, I met Ryan. Thanks Josh! Josh is the sweetest guy alive. He's a great cook. He lived in Italy for 2 years and learned how to cook the most delicious pasta. He probably gets sick of me asking for him to cook for me for birthdays and Christmas. His wife will be one lucky lady (no, he's not married... yet)!

Nathan brings up the caboose. He is 13 years younger than I am. You can do the math for how much younger than my brothers he is. He has such a fun personality and is turning into quite the handsome young man if I do say so myself. When my parents told us they were pregnant with him, I cried. I was so ticked off at them. I didn't tell one single soul my mother was pregnant because I was so embarrassed. How sad is that? Once he was born, I just loved him to death. He was the cutest baby I had ever seen. Thankfully he was cute because he was a little turd!

Fun fact: My brothers and I used to do the dance from Dirty Dancing in our living room, you know, the one at the end of the movie? Well, one of them, I think maybe Josh, went to do the flying eagle lift with me and totally dropped me on the rocking chair. Cha-ching! One of them also hit me with a rake at one point. They make fun of my crying because apparently I sound like a car changing gears. Lovely.


Harmony said...

You are too funny! You were embarrassed that your mom was pregnant. THat is so flipping AWESOME. My mom was prego when I was 13, too, and I just tried not to think about it. ha ha!

I've been resding your posts... even though I haven't been commenting. You are so comical. Seriously you make me laugh every time. You rock.

cowbell kelly said...

Make Josh take Amanda on a date.

Heidi and Michael said...

WUT?! I'm the only girl in my fam too! Three bros and I LOVE it!! When I was a young girl I would beg my mom to have one more so I could have a sister. SO glad I just have brothers! They are the BEST!

Craig and Monica said...

I love this pic! You are GORGEOUS! And I can't believe Josh still isn't should have him read Kelly's comment!

Susan Dunn said...

I laugh every time I read this. I keep reading it just so I can laugh.