Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas -- Part 3

Christmas evening is when we get to go to Grandma Hone's house and have the Hone Pinata Party. I think this is every grandkid's favorite thing about Christmas. What's better then spending time with your cousins, eating french dips and shrimp, and getting spoiled rotten by grandma? Not much really. This is really such a fun tradition in our family. Each year, grandma picks a theme for the kids to dress up as. Last year it was the reindeer antlers. This year, elf ears. Scarlet LOVED hers. She stills wants to put them on everyday.

Last year (2010)

This year (2011)

Scarlet was so thrilled with the idea of hitting a moving/flying object with a stick. She got to watch the boys do it first. With each hit, she would clap and scream. She loved it. She was even more excited when we let her have a go at it! She would take the bat, hit the pinata, drop the bat, and clap for herself. It was really quite adorable (check out the transparent bat! I have no idea why it did that).

Just some good old fashioned grandma/granddaughter time.

Once upon a time when our nephew, Austin (pictured), was about Scarlet's age, he laid on Ryan's back just like this. Now we have our little Scarlet on Austin being such a little poser.

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