Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's a Chick!

I bought this costume before I was ever pregnant. I think I've had it
for four years or so. Last year, Scarlet was just too tiny to fit in it. This year though, Scarlet fits in it and loves it! She didn't even try to take the head piece off. She wore the costume around the house until I decided it was too hot for her to wear it anymore. Poor thing was sweating to death in it! The saddest part? She's going to be a ladybug for Halloween and not a chick. I'm hoping we can find multiple Halloween parties so she can be both. Maybe she'll still fit in this next year.

1 comment:

Kenny, Brittani, and Shiloh said...

So STINKIN" cute!!!!!!! I love it. Shiloh is going to be a zebra, but guaranteed, he won't keep the hood on!