Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Addison

My name is Casie and my wonderful husband is Zac. We had our first daughter, Avery in 2005. We decided when she was 18months old that we wanted to have another baby. We got pregnant right away, we were so excited when we went to my 20 week appointment and found out we were expecting another girl. I knew her name was to be Addison. I said from that point on that Avery was our "Princess" and Addison was our "Angel". Addi looked perfect in the ultrasound and we got her nursery finshed soon after. The pregnancy was without complication and i felt really good. I went to my 33 week appointment and i was told everything was ok. My Husband, Daughter and I, along with my Dad, younger Sister and Brother went to Colorado Springs to visit my Aunt for Christmas. I felt huge pregnant but i felt fine. The night of Dec 15th, Zac and I stayed up laying in bed because Addi was kicking around even more then normal and it was so cool to see her moving my belly around and to see little kicks from her tiny feet. I woke up the next morning on Dec 16th to head home and I did not feel well at all! I had a headache and nausea and i just wanted to go home. We packed up said our good-bye's and headed out for our long drive home. We stopped in Grand Junction, CO for lunch and gas. I was having quite a bit of braxton hicks at that point and was still not feeling well. Addi was still moving around and i kept thinking i want to lay down on my couch a do nothing. After we ate and got back on the road i was getting worse. I was thinking to my nieve self ,"Everythings going to be fine. Im just over reacting". Around 2:30pm i was in ALOT of pain. Zac was driving really fast trying to find a hospital but we were in the middle of nowhere. I was screaming in pain, Zac and driving like a mad man trying to get me somewhere, while my daughter was in the back seat crying wondering why i was crying. By the grace of God, there was a Highway Patrol on the side of the road. He called a ambulance to meet us at the Moab Airport. We followed the officer and i was put into the ambulance and was taken to the hospital. I was begging for pain medication but they couldn't give me anything until they knew what was wrong. I was still thinking to myself that i was over reacting. A lady comes in a puts a doppler on my belly and there was no sound, I got very nervous but i wouldn't let myself think that this was real. They bring in a old ultrasound machine and it was right over her heart that was no longer beating. I couldn't understand what was happening, I was just watching her kick my belly and now she's gone! My heart shattered in a million pieces. We decided to do a repeat c-section and i remember them waking me up and telling me that they are giving me blood transfusions. Addison had passed away in result of a placental abruption. I was told if i didn't get to the hospital when i did i would have bled to death within 5 mins. I was able to hold my beautiful angel, but i don't remember alot. I was life flighted to IMC in Murray as my family drove with my 1year old home. I was in Shock Trama ICU for a week and recieved MANY blood transfusions. We were able to get beautiful pictures from NILMDTS. Addison was born Dec16, 2007 at 5:00pm. She weighted 4lbs 4oz and was 14inches long. She was beautiful just like her big sister. We miss her more then words can express and we can't wait to hold her in our arms again.

Story provided by: Casie Johnson


Dari said...

What a tragic story. This one hit home for me since I have had c-sections and what happened to her could be a possibility for me as well. That picture of the girls is so sweet.

Kristy Keeler said...

I love you Casie and Zac. Just know I'm always here and especially every December 16. XO

Kyndra Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing your story Casie. I think of you and your little one often. I'm glad I've gotten to know you. You are a very strong girl!