Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I lost him.

I didn't actually lose Him, I know exactly where He is.

October, also known as what I like to call "infant loss awareness month," is upon us. I guess it's not so much an awareness month as it is a remembrance month.

I believe these little angels bring great blessings along with trials, but the blessings far outweigh the trials.

Throughout the month, I am going to feature stories from my fellow baby-loss mommies in hopes that I can help remember their angels and know they are not forgotten. Keep checking back for stories of remembrance in honor of our angels who were just too perfect for this earth.


John and Heidi said...

I feel the same way when someone says I lost Jocelyn. I remember getting mad at my mother in the hospital when I would hear on the phone telling family that we lost Jocelyn. After one call I looked at her and said please please stop telling people I lost Jocelyn. I did not lose her. I carried her for 40 weeks I know where she is. She is not lost She passed away and when home to be with heavenly father.

Sara said...

Hey, Ashley. I really appreciate you doing this! It is very touching to read all these stories of these sweet, sweet babies!

You don't know me personally, but you know my family. I am Sara Storms. I grew up next door to the Hones; my parents are Nina and Douglas Peterson. Anyway, my first son, Nicholas, was stillborn, and I would like to share my story with you, if you don't mind. Is there someplace I could email you?