Thursday, May 24, 2012

NICU Update

Well, little Elliot is now two days old.  He is still in the NICU but he is doing amazing!  His oxygen came off today and they also stopped his antibiotics.  I started breastfeeding him and he's slowly getting the hang of it.  We're hoping everything keeps going as well as it is and then we can bring him home some time this weekend.  He has the absolute cutest little squeal cry.  He seems to be a very mellow baby, much like Scarlet.  He only cries when he is hungry or cold. 

Today's highlight:  Ryan and I went to see the babe this morning and the nurses were cleaning up his incubator.  Apparently when they went to change his diaper, he decided it was time to pee.  It was everywhere!  He managed to get it all over the inside, out one of the holes, down the outside and into a puddle on the floor.  Way to go, straight shooter! 

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