Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Birth Story

May 22, 2012, started unlike most days for us.  I was 37 weeks pregnant and scheduled for a c-section that morning.  We woke up bright and early, I think 5:30 to be exact.  Well, that's just when we got out of bed.  I'm pretty sure neither Ryan or I slept well that night.  Here's the last belly shot before we left the house.  I'm sure that's more of my skin than you will ever want to see in your life!

We woke up Scarlet and I snuggled her all the way to the neighbor's house.  We're so grateful for amazingly awesome neighbors who were so willing and able to take Scarlet for us!  Jeff and Amy, you guys rock! 

We arrived at the hospital just before 7:00 a.m.  I was scheduled for my section at 9:00, but apparently the 7:30 surgery didn't show up, so I got bumped up to 8:15.  Holy cow!  Yep, totally ready to get this over with.  I love how totally cheesy I look.  Remember, it was early and I was nervous!

I love this man so much!  He is the rock in our relationship.  It has been so nice having him do anesthesia since I had a million questions about spinal anesthetic.  He definitely put my mind at ease.

Below:  Just minutes before I went in to get my spinal.  I hated that Ryan had to wait in the hall until they started my surgery.  I was so totally nervous and just wanted him to hold my hand.  Thankfully I had amazing nurses who let me hug on them while the doctor stuck a 6-inch needle in my back.  The anesthesiologist did an amazing job with my spinal though.  I didn't even really feel him put it in.  Then it was showtime!

Before I knew it, they had made the skin incision.  It would only be a matter of minutes before I would see this little miracle we had waited so long to meet.  It's just always a little scary when you start to hurt during the surgery.  I think I almost had a panic attack over it.  The anesthesiologist just adjusted my OR table and the anesthesia made it's way to where I could feel.  What a strange sensation.

Then I heard the doctor say she could see lots of blonde hair.  Of course.  I knew he would look just like his daddy.  Within just seconds I heard the most beautiful sound in the world.  For the first time in my life, I heard the child I just gave birth to, screaming!  I lost it.  I was a complete mess.  It was one of the most amazing sounds I could ever imagine.  It was all so real.  I had created a life and now he was on the outside, crying!  I couldn't wait to lay my eyes on him.

It felt like it took forever for them to bring him to me.  I could hear him struggling to breathe and the doctors working on him.  They tried suctioning his lungs and pounding on his chest.  They also tried to make him really mad so he would scream all the fluid out.  Sadly, it didn't work as well as it needed to and off to the NICU my little miracle went.  I didn't even get to touch him, just a little snuggle before he left the OR.  Heartbreak.

Once again, my amazing man followed the baby and helped him get all set up in the NICU.  I'm so grateful Ryan was there to watch over our son.  I went to recovery, all doped up on drugs and rested.

Late last night, around 10:30, 14 hours after I gave birth, I finally was able to leave the confines of my bed and travel downstairs to see my son.  Heaven.

And here he is:  Elliot Ezra.  Our miracle.  Born at 8:46 a.m., May 22, 2012.  He weighed in at 6 pounds 14 ounces.  I can only imagine how big he would have been had he gone to 40 weeks!  He was 18.5 inches long.  He's absolutely precious and we are SO completely smitten with him.  Happy birthday sweet boy!  We love you!


Cyndi said...

Oh he's so precious! I'm so glad he got here safe and sound and is doing well. Crossing my fingers that he's out of NICU soon and you can cuddle him all you want. Congrats Ashley!!

Jacob, Amber, and Baby Kyla said...

SO STINKIN' ADORABLE!!! He is SO small and precious! I can't wait to hold him and kiss those little cheeks! He make my baby Ryan look SO BIG! They grow so fast! We are so happy for you guys! Love you guys!

cowbell kelly said...

That face he's pulling when you first see him is priceless!! He looks kinda.......mad:)

Brittani said...

How wonderful! He is so precious! I am a little jealous that your little guy is already here.

Craig and Monica said...

He is so sweet! Congrats on your new little miracle!

Diana said...

Congratulations! The first sound of your baby makes every mom cry. :)

Heidi and Michael said...

So precious Ashley! Congratulations!! He is absolutely ADORABLE! So happy you are both doing great!