Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Scarlet -- 21 months

Dear Scarlet,

Well, sweet princess, this will be the last time I write to you as my only child living at home.  I want you to always know just how much I love you.  You make me smile every single day and I am beyond grateful to have you in my life. 

There are going to be a lot of new changes happening this next month.  You might feel left out for a little while, but I'm still going to love you just as much as I do now, if not more.  Love is an amazing thing, it just keeps growing.  I know you are going to be an amazing big sister!  I'm so excited to introduce you to your new little brother. 

You have become quite the little talker.  You talk non-stop.  You have started copying a lot of what we say or what your favorite TV shows say.  You also have been working on phonics, colors, and numbers.  We try to work on it everyday.  I love watching you learn.  Your dad and I think you are quite spectacular. 

You are still wearing 12-month clothes and occasionally you will wear 18 months.  You're very petite.  We weighed you last week and you came in at a whopping 20 pounds.  You love to eat just about anything you can get your hands on.  I found you the other day with a giant bag of potato chips from the pantry.  You were trying to get a little baggy out of the drawer to put some chips in.  You looked at me and said, "crackers?"  How could I resist?  You're too adorable. 

I wish that you could stay my "baby" forever, but I know you need to grow and gain your independence.  It's so fun watching you learn and develop.  You really are such an amazing blessing in our lives.  I love you to pieces and pieces. 

Love you forever,


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