Friday, May 7, 2010

BigBIG news: Continued

Okay, I'm awake. It hurts. The ultrasound was of course, amazing. There were in fact 2 mini humans in my belly. Baby B was up first. Brain, heart, hands, feet, legs, arms, lips.... All there and all healthy! Baby A up second. Brain, heart, hands, feet, legs..... Yeah, it was scary. Baby A's bladder was so big we couldn't really see much of anything else. We couldn't see the spine. Baby A has what is called megacystis. At least that's the diagnosis as of today. We were whisked away to meet with a doctor and discuss Baby A. Again, scary. Of course they tell us not to worry, but how do you not worry about this little baby you love so much and who is now something so real. Our doctor immediately scheduled an appointment for us to see perinatology (a doctor who specializes in high risk complications/pregnancies). We don't get to go see them until Wednesday, which feels like an eternity away. Please pray for Baby A.


Harmony said...

Oh geez, Ashley. I can't even imagine what you're feeling! I'm sure you've been looking it up and hoping that the doctors are wrong and thinking of all possible outcomes.... ahhhhhh!! I am praying for Baby A. Surely I am praying very hard.

Tami said...

I can relate! With the first ultra sound we had with Spencer he still has a cyst in his brain and they told us he could have trisomy 18. They freaked me out! We went in to talk to a genetic counselor and had to go back for more tests and an ultra sound. It was so scary. It ended up being nothing but I was so worried for so long! It’s hard not to be worried. Nate helped me to be calm and to remember that Heavenly Father is over all. If he wanted us to have a baby with special needs then that is what we would do, one day at a time. I will be praying for you and the baby.