Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Eagle Scout

Here is my proud sister moment.  On August 26, 2012, we all witnessed my little brother receive his Eagle.  What a great achievement!  Nathan wanted to wait for Ryan to come to Utah so Ryan could be a part of something so special. 

Nathan's project was making blankets, buntings, bracelets, and poem books for parents who have lost their children.  He did it for Angel Watch, whom I have mentioned before because they were so integral in our life with Kingston. 

My three brothers and my awesome husband, ALL eagle scouts!  Like I said, proud sister (and wife) moment. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  There is a new pin the eagle scout can now give out when he receives his eagle.  There's always been the pin for mom and dad.  Now they have one for their mentor.  My brother was so adorable and gave ME that pin!  I've never thought of myself as a mentor, but I feel so special he thinks of me as one!   

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cowbell kelly said...

AWESOME!!!! Why don't they have something like that for girls (I know they do, but I would have rather been a scout).