Sunday, April 29, 2012

48 hours

This last weekend has been awesome!  My cousin, April, and her husband, Mike, came down... but only for less than 48 hours.  So, how do you make a fun vacation in less than 48 hours?  This is how.

First, you drive to Anaheim where we got to meet up with Josh and Megan at the convention center where Josh was doing his big convention for work.  Have I mentioned that I just love when family is in town?  Well, I do.  It makes my life.  We got to enjoy the awesome talent show Friday night at the convention.  Scarlet was shaking her little booty all over the place.  She was in heaven.  That girl loves bands and lights and that's exactly what she got... for two straight hours!

Saturday morning, we got up and decided to go to the Santa Monica Pier.  While we were cooking breakfast, we felt the house shaking.  For a second I thought Ryan was chasing Bella upstairs, but then I realized it was a full on earthquake!  WHAT?  Now we can say we survived the earthquake of 2012.  Let's just hope there isn't one that is bigger and stronger any time soon. 

While at the pier, this guy looked at Ryan and was singing, "You the baby daddy.  You the baby daddy!"  I was laughing so hard.  There were some crazies there, that's for sure.  Crazies = entertainment.
Check out my cute little family!  I can't believe we only have 5 weeks left until we meet our new little brother!  We better pick a name out soon!   

I loved having April here!  Being only 5 months apart in age, we have always been close.  I always loved having a cousin so close to me in age, especially one so beautiful!

Mommy and Scarlet

Daddy and Scarlet at the pier

I loved this photo of the boys with Scarlet at the beach! 

We totally wore this little girl out.  She did amazing though.  We had her out playing all day long and she was such a happy little squirt.  By the time we got in the car, she passed out. 

What an amazingly fun 48 hours!  I'm so glad April and Mike came down.  It seriously made my weekend.  Now I just have to prepare for the new baby on the way.  I can't believe it's coming so quickly! 

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John said...

Wow love this baby :) most adorable pictures :)

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