Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas -- Part 1

We just got back from Utah a few hours ago. It's been a somewhat sad day. We had way too much fun while we were there. It's going to take a few blog posts to get it all in.

On December 23rd, I decided to start the new tradition of "Kingston Eve". It consists of lighting a candle for every Christmas he has been gone and leaving out his stocking to see what the Kingston Santa will bring.

Scarlet, as you can tell, was super excited to dig into Kingston's stocking to see all the treats. She found our 2011 ornament (a blue snowflake), candy canes, and some hot chocolate.

We then proceeded to take all the goods to the cemetery where we got to spend some time with our sweet Kingston. It was a day just for him. I'm so glad we did this too. We made up the hot chocolate, which ended up being the best idea ever since it was FREEZING in Utah that day (Christmas Eve).

I think Scarlet enjoyed spending time with her brother and also eating the candy canes found in his stocking. We tried to share them with Kingston, but she would just pick them up and eat them.

Just when we were about to leave, my mom picked up this blob from the ground and said, "Is this something?" I took one look and started laughing hysterically. Um yeah, it's totally his birthday cupcake! I have no idea how in the world it was still by his headstone after all these months, lawn mows, and spinklings from the sprinklers, but there it was!

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Heidi and Michael said...

So darling Ashley. I love the "Kingston Eve." Such a fun idea. You are a good mom!