Friday, October 8, 2010

Scarlet and her friends

On October 5, one of my really good friends, Molly, had a baby girl. Her due date was about 2 weeks after mine and it has been so fun to be pregnant at the same time. I am thrilled for Scarlet to have Ahnika as her BFF while we are here in Utah. Molly, congratulations! She is SO beautiful! Yep, Ahnika is already bigger than Scarlet.
One of Scarlet's other best friends is my niece Chloe. Chloe LOVES Scarlet. Loves as in, cannot get enough of Scarlet. Chloe would hold Scarlet all day if we let her. It's the cutest thing ever! Chloe doesn't like to smile, but I finally got her to.... she just had to check with dad to make sure it was okay. :) Love that girl! (and yes, that is a BYU beanie but I'm about ready to trash it since BYU is stinking this year!! Come on Cougs!)
Today was Scarlet's 2 month check-up at the doctor's office. They see us every week there in the office. We are starting to know the entire office staff. Haha. Her weight is 6 pounds 6 ounces and she is 19 inches long. They couldn't even give me the percentiles because she is off the charts! Apparently most 2-month-old babies don't weigh 6 pounds 6 ounces. She's just a tiny little squirt and we love her to pieces (check out the outie belly button).
She had to get her immunizations today and it was heartbreaking. I made Ryan go with me for emotional support. I felt so bad for Scarlet that I ended up getting 2 shots myself (flu and pertussis).


cowbell kelly said...

I hated Vaccine day. For a split second Ruth just looked shocked then she let out an awesome scream that took 30 to recover from before she could get the next one out....30 seconds is an exageration but it was forever!!!! I'm sad I can't click on your picks and make them bigger. Why is that? Did I mention that she has your eye shape? They're unmistakably yours:)

Chris and Christina said...

what a cute belly button! she's beautiful and I can't believe it's already been 2 months!

Dari said...

She is too cute! It was so good to see her the other week. I can't believe how tiny she is, if she isn't careful Owen might pass her up, in-utero ha ha That pic of you, Molly and the babies is to die for!

I am glad you wrote about vaccinations because I still need to get my pertussis!