Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Here we are once again! It's time for this week's wishes:
  • Dear Disneyland, I feel you should let me stay in Cinderella's Castle for a night. Everytime I see the Disneyland commercial and see the castle, I think of how I would love to stay in it. (Is it Cinderella's? Maybe Sleeping Beauty?). Anyway, please let me stay in the castle!
  • Dear Philosophy, Please bring back your Beach Party lotion. It has been my all-time favorite lotion EVER. Plus, it reminds me of being on vacation and being stress free.
  • I would also like my shot spots (yes, from those evil shots I stopped on March 3) to stop hurting. It has been over a month now since stopping the evil progesterone shots and I'm sick of having a sore bum/hip. Honestly, I think there is a bit of nerve damage and I'm hoping it will heal because it hurts/itches/burns!
  • Here's a weird one. I wish I could gain some weight. Apparently the mini humans are "sucking my fat" off of me according to the nurse practitioner I saw yesterday. Seriously? I have been making a conscious effort to stuff my face for the last month to try to GAIN weight and I LOST a pound! How does this happen? I'm measuring 20 weeks, which is right where I should be measuring (even though I'm only 16 weeks), so the minis are growing. Apparently I just can't keep up with them. Is this a sign of what's to come?


Diana said...

Dear Ash,

You can have all the captain crunch berries weight I have acquired during my prego-delight. Free of charge, just for you my friend. Please come pick it up at your earliest convenience. I may even entertain the idea of delivery. At this point in the post-partum thin down process it looks like there could be about 15-20 pounds of that and other miscellaneous categorized weight I could GRACIOUSLY dispose of.

Thank you,

cowbell kelly said...

I pretty much love that you call them the mini humans. Just wait my friend the pounds will come I promise:) See you in about 1 week!!!!

Jacob, Amber, and Baby Kyla said...

Oh the days of HAVING to gain ice cream and Cadbury mini eggs become your best friend overnight is one of the miracles of pregnancy.

Cheyenne said...

Peanut butter and chocolate always works for me... ;) They'll keep you on your toes I'm sure, but you'll love every second of it!!