Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Weekend with Aunt Sissy

This weekend, while the mayor has held captive Jesse and Tina, my mom and I got to take the kids. We started by going to the zoo for a fun-filled adventure. I LOVE THE ZOO! I think Josh and Chloe liked the zoo too. Here they are in a dinosaur egg. We got to ride the train! Towards the end of our zoo visit we could tell Chloe was ready to zonk. The second she got in the car she started doing the head bob and was quickly out. Poor thing. It was lots of fun at the zoo! After the zoo, we went to our hotel, yes we stayed in a hotel in SLC. We got to take the kids swimming and then to Build-A-Bear. I need a pic of their bears, what was I thinking? They haven't put down those bears since we left the mall. Josh even fell asleep holding onto his bear (Bluebeary) quite tightly, so tight in fact, my mom thought he was going to suffocate himself because he had his face buried. Tonight, we're off to Beauty and the Beast at the Scera!

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