Monday, September 22, 2008

Primary Quotes

I absolutely LOVE our primary class. They are the 4-5 year old kids. They say the most HILARIOUS things! What a crack up. Here are just a few of my favorites from this past year:

Quote #1:

Child #1: My mom's boobs are big.

Child #2: Her boots?

Child #1: No, her boobs (then he goes on to explain how his mom's boobs are big and his little sister's boobs are little).

Quote #2:

Child: (Looking at a map of the podium) What does this word say?

Me: Piano.

Child: Huh?

Me: Piano, you know the thing your mom plays?

Child: Oh! You mean PRANO?

Quote #3:

My mom puts Desitin on my bootyand it makes me feel so way better!

Quote #4:

Ryan: Where does Jesus sleep?

Child: Outside in a cage.

I love their innocence. Every week there is something new to laugh about. Oftentimes it comes in prayer form when they think they are praying for really important things such as: "Help us not to bang (hit each other)," please help us not run in the halls," "please help us keep our eyes closed," "please help so and so fold their arms." Obvious half the time during prayers they have their eyes open.


Brande J. said...

hahaha! Those are hilarious comments. I love teaching primary too. I had one 5 year old girl start talking about sex in one of our classes...holy shock!!! I miss you guys too! I need to come over there with you. I'm just glad I have a job right now. So you said you want to start Savvy Shopper, if you need any help doing it I would be glad to help.

Stephanie said...

That is great! I am always scared for what my kids say to their teachers especially Reagan she needs to come with a disclaimer!