Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Posts

So, many of you have complained that I never post anything. Let me explain. Usually I work in a little tiny office in the middle of medical records at Utah Valley. The temperature varies and I'm usually very uncomfortable. Quite often I get multiple phone calls a day from angry doctors or their offices screaming about something I cannot even control. It's way lots of fun. This usually results in pounding headaches, to which I will then proceed to put my hand over my face and massage my temples. (see photo) Staring at the computer screen just adds to the amounts of fun when I get these headaches. By the time I come home, I don't want to look at the computer, because I'm usually too ticked off. Hence the reason I don't ever post anything. (I'm home today without the phone ringing with angry doctors. What a breath of fresh air!)

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