Sunday, February 17, 2013


It is said that our trials are like the refiner's fire.  Maybe we are a little raw as our trials begin, but then as we find ourselves on the other side of that trial, we are often more pure and delicate, maybe even more rare than before we went in.  So now I'm wondering, how many times can one go through this refining process, especially if they are already so rare and precious?  Will an individual become even more beautiful for enduring yet another impossible trial?  I'm led to believe that even after enduring heartache and coming out of this fire, one can have a light so bright about them that the world will have a way of being drawn to them.  They will be even more rare, more precious, more pure.  The light they will reflect will shine far greater than that of natural light.  It will beam from every pore of their being and encompass those around them.

My heart aches for my sweet friend who helped me through my impossible fire once upon a time.  She is literally one of my favorite people to be around because she radiates such beauty.  If I am around her, I am happy because of the way she makes me feel.  I am now on the other end watching her endure the trial of losing yet another child in her life.  My heart aches as there is nothing I can do to change the situation and ease her pain.  She has walked this walk before.  Unfortunately the ending is not a happy one.  However, I know that once she comes out of this, she will be far more beautiful and precious than she was before she began this trial, which is saying a lot since she was already so amazing.

For now, I will pray for miracles.  And from an outsider's view, I will watch as the refiner's fire shapes and molds a beautiful being into something even more rare and precious.

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Cyndi said...

So beautiful, Ashley. She is strong and wonderful. My heart aches for her too.