Thursday, August 9, 2012

At Work

I have been having so much fun working on my "Kingston's Birthday" project.  I have found it very therapeutic too!  Here is a picture of my organized chaos. 

In the process of being made into pendants.

Now they are pendants:  Tucker and Anna.

Here is baby Jada.

Jaxon and Allison. 

There is still time to order a necklace if you want one!  The prices are going to go up August 11th, Kingston's birthday.  I feel so blessed by the love and support that I have felt from all across the country.  Thank you all who have donated and purchased your own necklaces.  Without you, this would not have been possible!  I hope to bless many lives throughout the next little while as I provide these cute necklaces to angel mommies. 

You can purchase using the PayPal link below, or you can e-mail me your order, or leave a comment with your e-mail address.  You can also donate to this project if your heart desires.  Again, thank you!

Angel Necklaces


cowbell kelly said...

Ash I think this is soooo awesome. Are you still taking donations?

Jacob, Amber, and Baby Kyla said...

I'm so excited to get mine!!!