Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Scarlet -- 23 Months

Dear Scarlet,

Can you believe that in just one short month you are going to be two years old?  What happened to this last year?  I think we were so occupied with moving to California and then the arrival of Elliot, that life just happened very quickly this year. 

You have proven yourself to be an amazing big sister.  You have only kicked Elliot in the head once and only thrown a few things at him.  For the most part, you adore your little brother.  It was like you knew he was coming to be a part of our family and you just kept on with life like nothing ever happened. 

You have become extremely talkative lately.  Everybody loves to have conversations with you because you just ramble on forever.  You get at least one phone call a day from somebody who just wants to listen to you talk.  Some of our favorite words you say right now are:
  • Cuke as in "My new shoes are so cuke!"
  • Yellow.  Everything you see is yellow... and today you decided that it can also be pink.
  • Soos and socks.  You even call your pants socks. 
  • Pease and tane to.  When we have something delicious and you see it, it is usually followed with "Pease?"  Then we give it to you and you will say "tane to."  Also, when we spell out t-h-a-n-k-y-o-u, you will say "tane to."
  • Where ee go, where ee go?  You will usually do really cute hand gestures with this one.
  • Boops.  This can be referring to boobs or boots. 
  • Carlie.  As in, "Scarlet, what's your name?"  "Carlie"  It comes from us calling you Scarlie all the time.  You'll even shout it out when you see a picture of yourself. 
  • Me:  A is for?  You:  Apple!  Me:  B is for?  You:  Apple!  Me:  No.  You:  Ball! 
  • Dammies.  Translation:  Jammies.
I'm sure there are some words that I'm forgetting right now.  We absolutely love your little voice and all the new words you are learning. 

Scarlet, you still make us smile every single day.  You also make me a very busy mom, something I always dreamed of.  You are quite a tornado right now.  You like to throw your toys everywhere and tip everything over.  I'm hoping this phase doesn't last too much longer.  I think I fold 27 blankets a day... or maybe it's just the same blanket 27 times.  I'm not sure why I keep trying. 

Keep making me smile!  I love you!



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