Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Scarlet and Kingston!

Happy birthday to my precious little babies! I cannot believe an entire year has passed since we first said hello. You two light up my life! I'm so proud to be your mommy.
Do you know what two things represent Kingston in these photos?


cowbell kelly said...

The balloon and either the bear or the blue flower. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABIES!!!! Were they born on the 11 or the 12? Today is Amanda's Birthday!!

Tami said...

What darling pictures! Hope the birthday was full of fun! Miss ya!!

Harmony said...

oh, those pictures are SO cute! And I love that you incorporated Kingston into them. Sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts lately; I had a problem with Blogger. Anyway, I can ALWAYS feel your love for Kingston in every single post. I think you are amazing.