Monday, February 21, 2011

Daisy Dukes Bikinis on Top (California Girls... and boy)

We're home from our amazing adventure on the west coast. It all started off with me singing California Girls to Scarlet while she grinned at me from her crib. She had no idea what was about to happen. We flew out on a Wednesday and surprisingly the babe did amazing on the plane. She slept for half of the flight and then was a cutie for the rest of the time. She was very good entertainment for the entire flight and passengers. We arrived in Long Beach and off we went to get our car (Wakamavia ((Wasatch Front Kia turned around in Ryan's head comes out as Wakamavia)) and headed out to Knott's Berry Farm. Scarlet would fall asleep in her stroller as we wandered around the park. Again, she was just amazing. By the time we arrived at our hotel that night, we were spent. We ordered pizza and enjoyed its deliciousy hot goodness.

Thursday we woke up and Ryan and Jacob went and checked out a grad school in Pasadena. I drove around with Amber and the girls looking for a grocery store. We found one and had a fun time finding snacks for the day. Once the boys came back from the school, Me, Ry, Ambie and the girls headed to Hollywood. I always love seeing the big Hollywood sign, but quickly realize just how much I don't like the actual city. I could be just fine never going there again. Sorry Hollywood. While there, we went to the Hollywood Museum. I got a little freaked out as I walked past Hannibal Lecter's jail cell. Creepy. We then decided to head to the Citadel Outlets. Can I just say awesome? I wished we could have stayed there a little longer, but Scarlet decided to poop all over her outfit and down her legs and scream bloody murder until we changed and fed her. Poor thing.

We would play so hard each day that when we would lay Scarlet down, she would just poop out. She was exhausted.

Friday was filled with more fun. We drove down to San Diego, which I loved! I really enjoyed the drive. On our way to San Diego, we stopped in Huntington Beach and ate some delicious Mexican food and visited with Amber's aunt.

When we were getting to San Diego, it started raining. We had had plans to go to Legoland that day and don't worry, the rain wasn't going to stop us. We got into Legoland and it was a terrential down pour. Sad. We walked around for a little while but just got soaking wet. They even closed down all the rides, so we didn't even really get to do much.

Saturday, Sea World. Oh my! I loved it! It was the perfect weather for most of the time. Every once in a while it was start to sprinkle. We had ponchos and at the shows I would stick Scarlet underneath mine so she wouldn't get soaking wet. She thought it was the greatest toy in the world. I only started to get worried she was suffocate when she decided it was fun to put the poncho in her mouth. Probably not such a great idea.

I LOVED Shamu. It was like I was 5 years old all over again. I watched in complete amazement as this huge animal would throw itself out of the water and splash everybody. He was SO smart!

Sunday, we went to the San Diego Zoo. All I wanted to see were the pandas. Again, I was in love. I could have stayed all day and watched them. I also really loved the Koala bears. they were adorable.

Sunday afternoon, Ryan and I left San Diego and went back up to Long Beach for the night. We got to our hotel and were in shock. It was right on the beach and right next to the Queen Mary. We had so much fun taking a stoll along the coast and enjoying the beauty of the ocean. It was fabulous.

Our hotel had an awesome pool and party areas. I only wish it would have been a touch warmer so we could have enjoyed them.

Ryan has decided to create a horror film with this guy as the scary guy. Let's just say this escape suit was creepy.

Scarlet again just chilled out in her stroller and enjoyed the walk. She did amazingly well on this entire trip. We are so grateful for her.

I'm always a little sad to leave California, but glad to be home and in my own bed. Thanks California for a good time.


Dari said...

What a great vacation! You guys did so many fun things while you were there. I can't believe Scarlet was such a good girl, she is such a sweetie! You look so cute in the pics too.

Monica said...

Love Scarlet's shades! You have such a sweet family!

Chris and Christina said...

Chris and I went to San Diego for our Honeymoon and had an absolute wonderful time. Sea World and Shamu seriously are the coolest things on Earth! Glad you had a fun filled trip :)