Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Last night as I was talking to my mom, she asked what I had had for dinner. I told her Todd brought me Taco Time. She quickly responded, "I'm telling Ryan you're having an affair." This is untrue. I had to then explain to her that Todd is Ryan's alter ego. Todd is who I get mad at since I don't like to be mad at Ryan, but Todd is also the one who makes me late for things because "I have to work out!" Think I'm lying? Check out the muscles on "Todd the Bod." See, the name fits. Now, Todd is not to be confused with Ted, which is his right foot's name. That's another story for another day.

My mom then said to me, "I need a name for your dad when I get mad at him" to which I quickly replied, "oh, his name is Deebin, Deebin Dunn." What? Where is this coming from? So then I got to thinking.... I have a nickname for almost everybody in my family and I didn't even realize it!

Josh: "Jizz McNizz" Where did this come from? The only place I can think of is a while ago when "izzle" on the end of the words was "in." Josh used to always make me say, "From Hollywood Homisizzle, here is Harrison Fizzlezord and Jizzle Hartnizzle."

Then we have Nathan. He's "The Natorator" or "Jimmy Natron." He thinks I call him Jimmy Natron because he has a big head like Jimmy Neutron, but that's only part true. I just really like Jimmy Neutron.

Oh, and Tina. Her name is Chino, like the pants.

Bella often gets called Bells Manells, Bellaroo, Boobalies, and just good ole Bells. She knows herself by all of those names. She can also ollie for one of her tricks. See, she's the smartest dog ever.

Who else? Oh, of course, the babe! Scarlet has many, MANY names. Her very first name was Beautiful. We called her Beautiful the entire time in the hospital. It kind of holds a special place in my heart. Josh, or Nunkie Josh as Scarlet calls him, calls her Sweetness. I love it. She also goes by: Stinky Pinkerton, Snotty Snodigran, Sleepy Pants... pretty much we just take an emotion and/or whatever she is doing and turn it into a name. Her pacifier is also named Mr. Binks.

Am I excluded from the nicknames? Oh, totally not even. My name my entire life has always been Babe. My Christmas stocking even has "Babe" written on it. I think my little brother didn't even know my real name until he was about 7 or so. He just always called me Babe. Now, my niece and nephew, I'm not sure they know my name. They have always called me Aunt Sissy. I don't know if I have EVER heard them call me Ashley, but that's okay. Apparently I like nicknames.

Does anybody else just randomly name people? Is it just me?


Stephanie said...

Jim is so the same way! It is sad when your kids know one of his friends as PIG NUTS and that is all. It is funny because he is our plumber. He has never shown us his plumbers crack-- it is quite the opposite his Wranglers are so stinkin tight it looks like he has pig nuts from the back.
Everybody calls him that now!

Dari said...

You know I love nicknames, Lola's are: Lou, Lou Lou, FiFi, Lolita, Princess, Sweet Pea, Sissy, Sister Sue, and boo boo. I call Chris babe, if I use his real name it is probably because he is in trouble ;) I shorten almost everyone's names, like how you are Ash and there's Les and T, etc. I have so many nicknames it is crazy. Anyway, I think nicknames are endearing and I shall use them forever!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAAAA!!! Icall Jesse, Jessica. He never responds. I wonder why? I dont think my kids know your real name either. They look at me funny when I call you Ashley. Huh. Maybe it will always be Aunt Sissy. :)

Jacob, Amber, and Baby Kyla said...

I love all of your nicknames! Especially Ryan's Todd! So hilarious. I was the queen of nicknames growing up...ready for this list?
Amalama ding dong (family friend), Amber waves of grain (uncle), Ambie Bambie or Ambie Pambie (grandpa), Shmamber (best friends), Amberosis (family friend), and my Dad's all time favorite, Amberwear. Oh nicknames!

Harmony said...

You're not the only one! Though I must say I've never nicknamed someone's foot or someone's arch nemesis-self. You're so awesome.

My sister Jasmin is "Jazz-Frazz-Razz-ma-Taz-Alcatraz," my sis Desiree is "Schmezo", my sis Lacey is "Cheeso", by brother Ben is "Benny Bunny Boy", and my dadd is "Papa Rapa" or "Pappa-roni."

Sounds like a lot of us are cool like you. Ha!