Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scarlet and Santa

Last night, while at the mall, I spotted Santa in the food court. I got extremely excited, like a little kid, to see him. I just knew we had to have Scarlet's picture taken with Santa for her first Christmas. Scarlet sat with him for quite a while. Apparently she has a pretty big wish list this year. She told Santa she wanted: A big box of diapers, some books, some new bottles, a couple of new outfits, and on and on she went. We will see if Santa was able to listen and understand her when Christmas morning comes. Good luck Santa!


cowbell kelly said...

Very cute!! I think Ruth would have a melt down.

Stephanie said...

Oh that is so cute! Hopefully she has been a good little girl this year---not keeping her mom up too much in the night! Makoy might be border line.

Anonymous said...

Oooooo!!!! I Wuv yo baby!!!
Love Tinabina