Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Fun

What do you do when it's really snowy on a Friday night? Here's what we did. We braved the snow storm and went to Border's. There was a book that I had been wanting for a while and I finally had a coupon. I know, cheap skate. I literally slid into the store because there was so much snow outside. I grabbed the book I wanted and then went to the cafe for some delicous warm, steamy goodness. Ryan was stuck in the health section of course. Not sure what he was looking for but he did find some interesting pictures. I found the perfect spot to sit, right in the middle of the store. I love to people watch and tonight did not disappoint. I saw the awkward couple who you know don't have kids and who probably met on the internet. Then there was the indy kid with long curly hair and the gorgeous Asian girlfiend. She had a very cute outfit on and her hair was long, dark and beautiful. Then I saw the lonely older lady. She came in with a beany on and her hair braided in 2 long braids down to her hips. I often wonder what kinds of lives these people have. What do they go home to? I fell in love with this little lady. Then came the zoobie roommates chatting about their facebook status from last week. I just had to laugh at them. Am I awful?

Does anybody else do this or is it just me?

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Harmony said...

Not just you. I love to people watch. I just hope I'm not ever the one being "watched." :)