Sunday, December 13, 2009


Is December always this crazy? Last week, we had a little birthday party for our dog. Extremely pathetic. I do realize this. I made the cutest little red velvet cupcakes with pink frosting on them. I tried to get a picture of them, but they were always in a mouth before the camera could get the picture. Bella was so spoiled! I couldn't believe everybody got her a gift. Apparently my entire family fell into my trap of patheticness because they all wrapped their gifts and were thrilled to share in the birthday of our little baby dog, now not so much a baby dog.

Ryan had his graduation dinner on Saturday night, last night. It was at Magleby's. I'm pretty sure Ryan and I got in an argument as to where Magleby's was actually located on our way there (me claiming it was in Riverwoods and him claiming it was behind the University Mall). I quickly realized he was thinking of Iggy's and I'm pretty sure I laughed at him like the bratty wife does.

Dinner was interesting. I thought mine tasted like chicken with ice cream on top. Ryan had salmon that he claimed was perfection. Bleck. I hate fish.

Ryan won the award of "most like to correct an error on page 51 in book...." This is so perfect for him. I laughed so hard when they awarded him with this. I honestly can't believe school is over. Now to real life. How do we do it?

Kyla was being so cute after dinner. She was so tired and a little fussy. Every time the camera went off she would grin and get all excited and then go right back to crying until I took her picture again. Love this girl. Check it out, she's even wearing my headband and flower I gave her!


Cheyenne said...

Congrats to Bella and Ryan! :)

Harmony said...

The dog party was HILARIOUS, and I fully expect to be invited next year.

And I hate fish, too. Especially fish that the husband claims is "perfection" and fish that "if you loved me, you would eat."

You said it- BLECK!

Diana said...

Could fish be any more slimy and smelly? How, with tidings such as these, do people even let it approach their mouths let alone chew? Can they not smell? And literally, if you HAVE to have lemon juice or breading or something to make it good, it can't be good. A steak (or chicken and ice cream) is good by it self. And that's not all..... watch out for bones!!! Those little suckers are everywhere.

Thank you for hating fish with me. Now I don't feel so alone in this cold fish-eaters world.

Diana said...

Oops... sorry to be so focus on hating fish that I pushed publish before:

Congratulations Ryan on graduating! You gotta be kidding about the correcting text books though. I can't believe what a sucker you turned out to be to read those. Takes away the adventure of wingin' it on the tests.

(Okay, that's a lie. I mostly read textbooks too... except my C++ programming class at which point I just -- oopsie -- never bought the book. I wonder why that class was so hard??)

Again, Congrats! :)

Stutz Family said...

Whoot, whoot, whoot RYAN!!! Give him loves from us and a BIG CONGRATS!!!!