Monday, August 17, 2009

Country Carousel

Hello friends! It's a big week for the bow business. We have a booth at the Country Carousel Boutique at Provo High School. Come visit us and get all the glorious bows/flowers and headbands your little heart desires. We also have some bracelets and discounted/discontinued headbands for sale. You can also check out my bow blog! The boutique runs from today (the 17th) through Friday (the 21st). Tonight the show opens at 4 and goes until 9. Tuesday through Friday it's open all day. Come and enjoy all the vendors and all the fun stuff they have to offer!


Cher said...


It's Cheralynn Dansie (Zeeman), we went to Payson High and clogged together forever ago. I heard from someone that you were a medical transcriptionist and wanted to ask you some questions. Could you contact me via email at czdansie at msn dot com?
I'd greatly appreciate it.


Cher said...
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Rachelle said...

can't wait to check out your blog! didn't know you made bows! how's things going? Hope you are doing good!

Monica said...

Hi, Ashley! I'm glad you found me! I'm excited to keep in better touch with you. I love the pic. of the dog on the rocking horse, by the way. So funny. I also checked out your bow blog. You have a lot of cute stuff! With 2 girls, soon to be 3, I always need hair accessories!