Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Movie #1: Cold Souls

Last night we got to go to our first Sundance film of the season. We went to Cold Souls starring Paul Giamatti.

The night started off with me giving Ryan a tour of Trolley Square when we went to pick up our tickets. I showed him where the shootings took place. It was almost surreal to be in there after such an event.

After Trolley Square we headed to the Blue Iguana for some ultra delicous food. We absolutely love the Blue Iguana. They have the best salsa EVER!

After dinner we made our way to the Tower Theater on 9th and 9th and stood in the freezing cold until they let us in. The theather is the oldest theater still operating in SLC. It was built in 1921. It was kind of small, but it did the job. After the movie, the director did a Q&A session and everybody got to ask her questions about the movie. It was nice to get her take on why she did certain things in the movie. It made everything make a lot more sense.

Synopsis: Paul Giamatti who is an actor (yes, they use his real name in the movie) who gets down on life and decides there is no way he can go on living the way he is. He hears about "soul storage" in the New Yorker and decides to go try it out. They extract his soul, which is only the size and shape of a chick pea, and then let him store it in their local office. Anyway, his soul ends up getting stolen and he has to go find it in Russia. The movie is about him living without a soul and then using a borrowed soul so that he can at least have feelings. It's a very odd concept, but it was entertaining to say the least. If you like Paul Giamatti, you will like this movie. He really was what made the movie for me. I give this movie a 5/10.

This is what we call credentials. It gets me into parties, concerts, all sorts of good stuff. Ryan said he felt really cool wearing his around his neck all day. At least mine has my name on it instead of just saying "Guest" like his.

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Seth and Abbie Ollerton said...

I always used to introduce Ryan as my "Guest" whenever we met new people so he's used to it. Cheers!