Friday, October 31, 2008


As most of you know I am a medical transcriptionist. This morning as I was working the doctor kept saying something, so of course I get on trusty old Google and start searching. I ran across some guys blog all about how doctors make up their own words. If you also know me, you know I have a list of made up words. I'm sure all of my transcription buddies out there will appreciate this.

Here are my favs:

musculoskeleton instead of musculoskeltal
dypsnea instead of dyspnea
lympandopathy instead of lymphadenopathy
Invanez intead of Invanz
Dioplia instead of diplopia
Dialisize instead of dialyze
Instabability instead of instability
Medicationally controlled

I call these Bitterisms because of who said almost every single one of them.

Here is the guys blog:

Doctors frequently invent words based on what they think the word should be. Whether the word is supposed to be a medication or a common piece of English language (such as "overneath"), if it doesn't exist, don't try to use it. Here are some typical examples of words invented by dictating physicians:

integrinous instead of integral
O'Connell-Sullivan retractor instead of O'Connor-O'Sullivan retractor
cominent instead of concomitant
delirium tremors instead of delirium tremens
I will see the patient ongoingly instead of I will see the patient on an ongoing basis.
"The fracture was reduced with good anatomicity." instead of "The fracture was reduced with good anatomic results."
"Surgicallywise, the patient has had..."
"Unangioplastable coronary artery disease"

To all the transcriptionists out there, what are your favorite Bitterisms or dictatorisms?


Andrea said...

See that is what I am afraid of learning how to be a medical transcriptionist. Isn't it good though that I did notice things wrong with them when reading them. I though, that isn't right is it??

Stephanie said...

I love your new picture you guys look good! Ryan love the new short haircut!! I am glad you understand all those words cause I surely do not.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley, I was so happy to find your site! I am just about half way through my practicum with CanScribe and I was looking for O'Connell-Sullivan retractor!! Thank you so much! I have to say I am feeling very sorry that I decided to take this course. I feel like it is not going to pay me enough money as it takes me so long to transcribe a dictation. Feels like I might be lucky to be making $4.00 per hour honestly. If you have any comments for me feel free to email me Canada!

Thanks again! I will keep your link so if you post anymore great finders like these ones I will definitely add to my word list!!