Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Big Jump

If you are wondering what the countdown to the big jump is, Ryan is getting to go skydiving for his birthday. I'm scared to death for him. Moab skydiving here we come!


Dari said...

Oh he is so brave!!! I am such a sissy, I don't even dare go bungy jumping. I hope you guys get it on video!!!!

Seth & Abbie Ollerton said...

That's cool Honer! I would love to do that so I will live vicariously through you. Take some photos. Are you turning 30 this year? Just kidding, one more year and you're old.


Hone Family as in Ryan and Ashley said...

We will have video on Ryan, probably attached to the tandem jumper, and I will be on the ground videotaping the entire thing. My dad is going too. Let's hope there are no heart attacks involved with this experience.

Brooke said...

Oh no, I definitely wouldn't do this or even watch. It makes me nervous right now.

Katie & Jess said...

Honer --
You're crazy! Promise me you'll let me come with you so I can hold you tightly on the way to the ground.