Thursday, February 21, 2008

Angel Babies

I have finally experienced something I will never forget. I had the opportunity to go to the newborn ICU last night. You know when you mom says "don't stare" because somebody is "special," well I couldn't stop staring. I think the nurses were looking at me like "this lady is crazy, get her out of here." They were very nice though and let me stare at these precious babies.
They were so delicate and tiny. I was in a room full of big machines whizzing and whirling and I would forget that right behind me, just a foot away, was a baby no bigger than a doll. It's foot was as big as my thumb and it's skin was transparant. The cool thing was I think I could feel the angles with these babies. There was such a calm feeling. It brought tears to my eyes. Everything was so peaceful. These babies are so fragile and only being kept alive by a machine 50 times their size. They have breathing tubes and feeding tubes and IVs. It was definitely a very humbling experience. I think God must be holding each and every child in there. It was a very amazing experience.
It was absolutely amazing to see 20 or 30 babies just laying there. Their diapers were so tiny and yet when on the babies, they look huge. I just wanted to pick these tiny ones up and love them. I felt just being in their presence I was going to contaminate their sheltered world. I can't even imagine being a parent to one of these babies and how hard it must be to see them like that.

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Dari said...

Ok thanks you are making me cry ;) I agree with you, these babies are so special and are protected everyday by angels. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to see my child so helpless like that. I pray everyday that my baby will be born healthy and strong.

Thanks for sharing this experience Ash. Loves!