Saturday, January 5, 2008

So, Sindee and I thought we were really cool when Alvin, my parent's neighbor shot an elk and brought it home on New Year's Day and we got to go see it. Sindee was petting it and loving it (remember it is cut wide open and bloody at this point). Anyway, we were laughing so hard when we decided to "walk" like an elk with it's legs. This is really morbid and gross. This is us holding up it's head after they had skinned it. The video is of me doing the elk walk.

So yes, Sindee and I are kind of crazy. This is how we spend New Year's Day.


Dari said...

Oh yay! I found you!! You are in trouble for not telling me you have a blog... Now I can know what is going on in you and Ryan's cute little life!

Feel free to drop by my blog whenever you would like and leave me comments too :)

Love ya!

Dari said...

P.S. The elk legs walking was quite hilarious. It reminds me of something we would have done back in the day to entertain ourselves ha ha

MaddyChick said...

SPARKY!!! I found you too! I'm so proud you played with a dead Elk! I can't believe you didn't tell me you had such a passion for it earlier! Can't wait for all your updates! Hope you guys are good!